Top Online Business Ideas in 2020 – How to Make 10k a Month

The question raised in our mind is how to make 10k per month. The answer is: An online business has not been any easier than in previous years. Now, the business with an online presence has more growth than usual ones. The main advantages of online business are: 

• Freedom of time and space. You can enjoy working from home and. You can work while traveling and while living in other countries.

• It does not tie you to desk.

You can say it as a flexible style of living. An online business requires low startup costs as compared to the usual business. You do not even need an office to start it. When your online business grows, invest more money in it to expand its growth.  Nevertheless, you need a good computer system and a good internet for starting it. Even then some people start an online business by spending less than $50, which is the cost of buying a domain.  The answer to the question “how to make 10k per month” will automatically come after some time when you will gain some experience. What you need is good content and professional delivery.

There are many online businesses, which can grow to your required amount of earnings. Some of them are:

 Idea 1: Social Media Influencer

This business is like the commission salesperson, but you use online tools to market products. Sell other products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through affiliate marketing and earn money.

Idea 2: Be a YouTuber

Start a YouTube channel to earn money. You need good content and skills to deliver that content. You may start your YouTube channel without investing a single penny but can earn 10K per month after some hard work and some time. 

Idea 3: Can Start Blogging

Blogging is a good idea to earn money online. By blogging, you can engage the viewers and can generate traffic. You need good skills for blogging.  Therefore, you must check good blogging sites before you start. Start blogging with a good niche, when it has enough readers, you will get enough income.

Idea 4: Podcasting

Podcasting is like YouTube Blogging. What you need is to create a channel and then create podcasts on a specific niche. Ideas of a Niche can be a comedy, virtual logs, stories or coaching.

Idea 5: Can Be a Virtual Assistant

By virtual assistant, we mean being an online secretary and work remotely. It often includes administrative tasks. You can get enough in virtual assistant work that even you can reach 10K per month too.  

Idea 6: Can Use Fiverr

Fiver is one of the leading platforms for starting your business. You can outsource your services on this platform and make big money if you are professional in your area. You can get several regular orders in just a matter of time with no investment and can find the solution to how to make 10k per month.

Idea 7: If Skilled, Choose Freelance Writing

Companies, websites need freelance writers to write on different niches. They can pay hundreds of dollars for a well-documented well-written article. 

Idea 8: Sell Your Own Info Products

You can start your own business by creating a product and making it online. If you have a quality product and you have a skill to advertise it, then it is the most attractive business to start online. For example, if you are an expert in a specific subject, you can create EBooks and courses and sell them. By doing this, you can earn a lot of money.


In 2009 I quit driving a truck to take care of my kids full time. I went from driving across America to building one of the largest web design companies to building affiliate sites.

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