Sales Funnel Builder- What is this tool

It is a tool used for guiding the audiences systematically from start to end, from product awareness to product sales.

It has some pre-defined steps:

1: Campaigns and Marketing

2: Attraction, Retention and Conversion to marketing leads

3: Personalized Communication, Interaction, Opportunity Creation and Conversion to Sales

4: “Help services” for the clients to make payments and place orders

10 ways a Sales Funnel is Used:

1. Circle of Influence

Your influence can be local, national, or worldwide. The main objective of the sales funnel is to enhance the business marketing. This can be done by creating an “environment of awareness” about the product or service you are providing.

2. Visibility

When you are creating a Sale funnel, then your first step should be to make your brand visible to the audience. Today almost everyone has a smart phone. Use mobile app ads or advertisements through text messages, these can be useful for product and service visibility.

3. Awareness

Make sure you create awareness through a proper campaign system. You can use some platforms like social media, news, videos, and blog creations for a campaign.

4. Attraction

Attracting the audience is very crucial. Determine how your links to your products and services engage your potential customers is part of this equation. You should use the correct techniques to engage the audience by using relevant information and providing some entertainment.

5. Retention

A difficult task that you have is that you need the website visitors to visit your website more and more. The sales funnel builder tool can help you with this task in a natural way by asking the visitors to come back to get more information.

6. Lead

If any visitor thinks of buying your products, the sale funnel can encourage them to do so. It is a critical step for marketing.

7. Follow-Up

The sale funnel has some additional features linked to emails:

•Generate emails and can contact your leads.

•Create a database of the IDs of your potential leads

•Provide private contact with your customers

8. Conversion

The developers of any sales funnel builder created this software in such a way that it understands your marketing leads direction and gets data about a proper time for buying from your customers and potential customers.

9. Guiding

If a buyer thinks of buying your product, this software will encourage them to buy through your website. It guides the buyer from the initial inquiry to the final step.

10. Repetition

Sales funnels not only guide buyers but also encourage them to visit your website again. This strategy helps in increasing visits to your website.

Best Sale Funnel Builders 2019

1. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is the number 1 ranked software among all funnel software. It has two sections

• Squeeze page: Used for subscriber list building

• Application funnel: Used for campaigns.

ClickFunnels is useful for

• Lead Generation • Webinars Running • Selling Product • Email Sending 

2. LeadPages

LeadPages is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.  The benefits of LeadPages are:

• Customizable • Instant campaign system • Instant messaging • Quick Payment, Purchase window • Have a vast range of plugins for WordPress • Can integrate with professional mailing services

3. INSTAPage

INSTAPage is another useful tool for your marketing campaign. It can collaborate, analyze, and design websites. It can also:

• Backup your leads • Provide conversion and dropout list • Capture maximum information from leads • Certified by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

4. Unbounce

Unbounce is a tool widely used for marketing campaigns. This software has the following benefits:

• Customized Popups • User interface • Data Capturing Forms • Video widgets

Your Choice Depends on Your Needs

These are some powerful tools. You can use them whether you are a beginner and want short term marketing campaigns, or need more large-scale campaigns. Customization and Compatibility with mobile and desktop are the main benefits. You can edit them according to your required needs.


In 2009 I quit driving a truck to take care of my kids full time. I went from driving across America to building one of the largest web design companies to building affiliate sites.

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