Marketing in the past, consisted of; TV, radio, print, advertisement and word of mouth.  But, after the introduction of the internet, these marketing methods may not be as useful and may not be getting the desired results. So, now, more than ever, marketing is more directed towards the internet than in the previous “traditional” ways. Local internet marketing services is more time consuming, but more effective as you must have an active presence on the internet for conversations or improvements relating to your product or service.

1. Small business tips online.

About thirty-nine percent of individuals research the product through the internet before they buy anything. This means a business having an online presence is beneficial for marketing. Your business must have access to the internet for competing locally.  You can create a website, or you can build a mobile app for this purpose.

2. Improve your local SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in generating more and more traffic to your website. About ninety-seven percent of individuals search out local businesses on the internet.  Therefore, your business must be online, and you must make SEO a priority for getting higher ranking in Search Engines. Although it is difficult to get higher and higher in the ranking, if you do so, this will result in a large amount of return on investment. 

3. Increase online reviews.

Online reviews are crucial for ranking on Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp too. Online reviews influence about sixty-seven percent of people who want to buy products. If your reviews are positive and correct, then it can convince the consumers to use your business. You must consider this strategy for increasing your business return.

4. Use email marketing.

By email marketing, we mean to remain in contact with your current, potential, and past customers.  There is a misconception that by putting more energy in social media will help your business grow faster than email marketing. However, this is not the case, email marketing yields three times more results.

5. Target paid local results.

You may use Pay Per Click (PPC) as an option for the development of your business. Due to an increase in competition, local search becomes difficult.  So, you can use PPC as a marketing tool. In this tool, when any client clicks on the ad placed on your website, he/she will be paid. In this way, more and more clients will visit your website which helps in the growth of your business.

6. Marketing Consultant

You may hire a consultant who will help you in your business development by advising you in different ways. A marketing consultant is not a permanent member of your business, but you would hire him/her to develop marketing strategies. They will help you to get the best result from their ideas.

As time goes by, more local internet strategies are coming and thus results in more competition.  Internet marketing for your local business is active and cheaper than the old traditional ways. You have to pay less and get results that are more efficient through this marketing strategy. 

However, the most important thing is: Can you devise your marketing strategy? Can you market your business better than your competitors can? Are you selling quality products? If the answer to every question is yes, then go ahead and start local internet marketing services, your business will grow.


In 2009 I quit driving a truck to take care of my kids full time. I went from driving across America to building one of the largest web design companies to building affiliate sites.

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