How much sleep do I need?

Why do we require 8 hours of sleep at night, or need to invest 1/3 of our life in bed?  It is now believed prolonged sleep deprivation, which by definition is sleeping frequently just 4 or 5 hours a night, can have hazardous health results.

Short-term sleep deprivation or a duration of insomnia, as moms and dads of infants and kids will experience, can be the reason for mishaps on the roads and in factories.  Not enough sleep has been proven to reduce concentration levels, triggering clumsiness and a basic sensation of feeling “blah”.  However, don’t stress, this can be quickly reversed after a couple of good night’s sleep.

I had actually forgotten what it felt like be a zombie due to the absence of sleep, however just recently with the hot nights plus increased telephone calls from my 99-year-old mom, both throughout the day and night made me feel like the walking dead!

At last, I have actually simply taken pleasure in about 8 hours of euphoric sleep. I woke up energized and that I might handle the world and absolutely nothing would be an issue.  My energy levels are high, my concentration capability has actually quadrupled and I have gotten so much done and it is barely 9 am!

New Parents getting sleep:

I now remember times when the kids were young – I did have 5 kids under 5 years; however, I was in my twenties then and more indestructible (so I thought).  I can relate to all brand-new moms out there managing their infants and young kids, and the fathers dragging themselves off to a day’s work after sleep-deprived nights.  The good news?  Insomnia intensified by the newness of the circumstance, however, does end.

To all, you sleep deprived people out there for whatever reason I want you well and rested no matter what the circumstances, as a good nights sleep makes everything better.

Try to find resources focused on very first time moms and takes you from birth through the very first 5 years.  It should cover all the major issues like:

  • Temper Tantrums
  • Simple bedtime regimens
  • brother or sister jealousy
  • getting ready for schooldays
  • and a lot more.


The other group we need to take pity on are the caregivers that are caring for loved ones 24/7.  That is a continuous job!  Being tired regularly is an awful sensation it saps your energy, your capability to remain calm, your sense of humor and even your spirit.

To all those having a hard time, when someone offers to help, take it!  You will feel a lot better when you are appropriately rested.  Even it it means taking an afternoon nap!  The Spanish have it right, they enjoy their siesta time.  The stores close for the afternoon, opening once again a couple hours later when it’s cooler and they are rested.


There are some foods that are better at promoting sleep.  All of us have heard a glass of warm milk is effective however easier items consist of bananas, nuts, and certain seeds as our common “go to” useful foods items.  Lighter bed linen also help on hot nights as comforters can make you to warm to get a good sleep.

How much water should I drink?


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