How to Get First 500 Email Subscribers

We may see email as an outdated and out of fashion thing in today’s world where social media is the most popular platform. However, when the topic is digital marketing, an email platform is still on top of the world.  There is research from McKinsey, which says that email marketing campaigns are about 40 times more effective than social media marketing campaigns for getting more customers.  Even during Black Friday sales, email is the topmost channel for marketing purposes.

If you can create a strong marketing campaign through email, it can have a crucial impact on your business growth.  However, you need to attract people so much that they easily subscribe you.  How to do it?  What should be the strategies to get first 500 email subscribers?  This is the main topic of our article.

Find the Best Location for Your Opt-in Forms Placement

If you select proper format and placement of your email opt-in forms, you will get maximum return with email building lists. However, prior to placing your opt-in form, you must remove the elements from your website design that are unnecessary.  By doing so, research from Basecamp, a well-known company has said that they got 14% more sign-ups.

Different companies place their opt-in forms on different places such as site headers, sidebars, pop-ups, about page. Remember, putting opt-in forms at these places is not just one time deal.  You must use analytical tools to check where you will get maximum efficiency.  You must also check the email subject, use which works best.  Therefore, you are starting on the right track if you put the forms on best place of your site.

Offer Something Which Your Visitors Cannot Resist

Once you place your opt-in forms at right place, the main aim is to motivate your visitor to sign up to your offers.  How?  The answer is simple; make an offer that is impossible to resist by the visitors.  The best marketing tactics used by the digital marketers nowadays is they give access to their subscribers to those areas of websites, which are otherwise restricted.

You must offer an attractive offer to your subscribers, which they cannot miss out on.  To do this, you must understand their thinking and needs, then create your offer according to that.

Make One Social Network Your Main Focus

Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to your audience.  Nevertheless, keep it in mind that on any social media platform, it is very complex to create an email list.  User behavior, marketing tactics may vary from one platform to other. Therefore, in order to get maximum subscribers on your list you must use one social media network at a time.  Pick that social media network which you think your target marketing audience is mostly using and promote your list there.  This means you must be aware of social media site’s demographics.

Get the Best Out of Your Most Popular Content on the Page

An excellent tactic to build your email list is to benefit from your most popular content.  Check your site’s popular content and create attractive forms in those content pages.  It is better if you can offer something special in those forms, which is related to the content so it can better attract the visitors.  Research has shown that by combining your most popular content with more downloadable things, you can get more subscribers.

Hold Contests to Get More Subscribers

If you want more traffic to your website and more subscribers to your email list, you can hold a contest to get their attention. The visitors have to subscribe to your newsletter in order to win the prize.  This method is used often in the marketplace.  This way, you attract not only the new subscribers to grow your email list, but also can reignite the interest of the old subscribers who are now inactive.  Therefore, it is a great method to grow your email subscriber list.

Hosting a Webinar is a Good Tactical Way.

Have you ever took part in a webinar?  If yes, then you may also knew that submitting your personal email is a vital part of the webinar.  The email opt-ins forms assist the attendees:

  • To get an access of the webinar.
  • To get reminders before start.
  • To receive extra contents like recordings, power point slides etc. after the webinar

You can create a webinar and can capture email addresses this way.

A main setback of this approach is that it requires a lot of effort.  Planning the presentation is not the only work to do, in addition you have to:

  • Promote your webinar.
  • All software and hardware planning
  • Live streaming of the webinar.
  • Prepare answers of the questions asked by the attendees.

However, with proper planning and strategies you can replay this webinar and can get most out of it.  Webinars are a good method to get your first 500 email subscribers in a short time.

Publish Guest Posts on Popular Blogs

Sometimes, it looks impossible to get first 500 email subscribers when you have a small audience at the beginning.  If you are suffering from this problem, then you can choose another method to get involved in the audiences of popular websites.  We call this method guest blogging.  With this method, you can write eye catching and entertaining blogs for a popular website and redirect some part of it back to your own site.  You may check the more popular websites, which are like your niche and can write for them.

 Keep Optimizing: Continue Your Hard work

You must keep optimizing after you reach 500 subscribers!  Continue your hard work and test different offers and forms to get maximum results.  When you send more emails to your list, you may know your subscribers’ activities.  Engage them with you, and learn how they can open your emails regularly.  Find out what your subscribers want and find out the ways to maximize your click rate.

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