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Athletes have many worries in their life about their fitness.  The primary worry is the sport or the task.  Training practices, then recovery practices, and other practical issues are the part of their daily life.  They have to maintain a proper diet.  The most important issue in a life of an athlete is a balanced diet.  The main aim of the article is to provide some strategies to create a diet plan, which will help an athlete, or anyone who wants to achieve this goal of fitness.

The Important thing is to have a right balance.

Too much attention on your diet is not a good thing.  Many people who pay to much attention to their diet may find that they have a loss of energy.  Therefore, they do not have willpower left to perform or work hard at the gym.  You should not focus too much on your diet.

Some other people think dieting can replace a work out.  So they focus more on diet rather than the hard work.  Keep in mind that you cannot substitute the hard work with dieting.  Therefore, you must have a proper balance in your life to maximize the performance level.

Now everyone is searching for a balanced diet, which maximizes the performance level.  People get advice from experts, tests different foods to upgrade their performance.  However, there is no magic or secret pills or supplement.  The best way is to balance your diet with your individual goals and needs.

Your diet should be in relation with your training.  Remember, every person in the world has different goals, training history, genetic signatures.  Therefore, everyone requires a different diet to maintain a balance.  Therefore, instead of watching a plan on TV, or searching it out on a google and acting upon it, we must have our own plan according to our goals and needs.

You must choose the simplest solution, because the simplest solution is the best one.  We often make things complicated for ourselves, which is unnecessary.  Here are some simple advice, which can solve your problem easily.

1. You must eat to reach your goal.

Intake of daily calories should suit your goals.  A simple calculation is if your desire is weight gain, eat more, and if you hope to lose weight than you should eat less.  However, people make this simple rule very complicated.  They want to know the amount of calories they are taking.

Remember, each of us has diverse genetic conditions and history.  Some have slow metabolism rate whereas some have faster. Some require more exercise whereas some others require a lesser workout.  Some need more food, and some need less.  It all depends on your own condition.

Do not eat any differently than how you eat now.  Record what you put in your mouth and when.  After two weeks, look at your logs, and make a note of your daily caloric average.

You do not have to eat something different from your routine.  One thing you must do is to build a record of what and when you eat.  Do it for at least two weeks.

Then you make changes from there.  Remember, you do not have to do extreme things as you will be exhausted trying to keep up with all the changes.  So keep things simple and slow.  Reduce your calories in a lesser amount but regularly until you feel that now you are losing the weight.  Do things slowly but regularly.

2. Prefer Natural Foods.

The question is: can you put junk fuel in your car and expect it to perform well?  No! Same rule applies on food.  You should keep yourself away from junk food.  Another simple rule is to eat simple and real food.  Stay away from chemicals and use organic food, which is healthy for your life.

Simple rules to improve your choice in case of food:

·      If your food is closer to the nature, then it is definitely the better one.

·      Fewer hands should touch it.  Therefore, if you can pluck it by yourself, then it is the best.

·      If it is a self-made product in a lab, use it in small amounts.

3. Take in enough proteins and carbohydrates.

Protein is a primary ingredient for your body.  Make sure you are taking enough daily protein. Keep in mind that eating fat will not make you fat.  Rather, fats can provide you the required energy to your body.  You cannot eat carbohydrates all the time as you will suffer energy deficiency at the end.  Do not worry about the weight of the food and do not trouble yourself by doing calculations.  The simple rule is if you feel hungry after two hours of meal then your meal contains a high amount of carbohydrates.  If you feel hungry after four hours, then your ingredient ratio is good.

4. Eat throughout the day.

Do not overeat during a single meal.  A good way is to eat a small amount of food at different times.  This way, your metabolism rate will increase.   It will also assist you in making a good decision regarding your food, because bad decisions often happened when you are too much hungry.

5.  Free yourself.

If you are eating a certain food and you are strict in its quantity, it will surely fail you in the end.  People restrict themselves by eating specific food for months and then lose self-control, which leave them in the worst scenario than ever.  So enjoy a proper food.  You can eat desserts and the food you want once in a while.  Key is moderation!!

6. You are the best judge for yourself.

Just like you cannot follow someone is training program, you must not follow someone’s diet plan too.  Each of us has a different body type and body needs.  Some of us have no issues with milk products, whereas others would.  So, make your own program according to your body needs.  Therefore, you must make your own decisions of food and training.


There is no need to make your life complicated.  You must follow simple rules and plans to maximize your performance level. By limiting yourself according to others, you will definitely fail in the end.  So, make yourself and your plan as simple as possible and act upon it.





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