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People keep telling us how technology and cell phones are gradually destroying our lives.  Yes, they are addictive and yes, they tend to interrupt our sleep or make us stressed.  However, they are created with the goal to help us and, if we utilize them right, our phones can assist us in our lives.

Instead of scrolling social media platforms over and over again, you should to begin taking a look at your phone as a tool that will assist you become more powerful, more fit, relaxed, organized, and whatnot.  Even though social media can make things difficult with comparing ourselves with others,  we frequently miss out on the amazing things that phones provide us at our finger tips.  One such thing is all the best physical fitness apps that can assist you to turn your fitness health around– for the better.

So, if you are all set to eliminate the numerous downfalls for todays Info Age, it is time to make some eliminations and install brand-new apps.  The information-rich world of today can be very advantageous, however you need to learn how to capitalize. If you want to live a healthier life, your phone can become your fitness instructor or a coach, supplying you with custom workouts right there at your fingertips.  You can utilize it while you pump iron at your area health club, do some aerobics in your home, or take a run around the block.

With their pointers and quality standards, the very best physical fitness apps will hold you accountable when you miss out on a workout, keep you in track with a healthier nutrition act, and merely be your key to a healthier and much better way of life.

In terms of apps for exercise, there are five primary types of physical fitness apps that busy people can utilize to make their lives better.

1. Best Fitness Tracking Apps

You can’t just go running around to check out the health clubs near you any chance you get, hoping that your way of life will get back into shape.  If you actually wish to make a change, but do not have the time to track “whatever”, there are apps that can do this for you.

Physical fitness tracking apps are much like specialists you work with when you need to hand over something in your daily tasks.  For example, if you do not have time to do sports or workout when you have a lot of research study and essays to write, you will hire an essay writer to do it for you for a reasonable cost.  You can utilize this very same technique with exercising when you can’t track your calorie goals.

Tracking your physical fitness is important given that it lets you see your progress, encourages you to exercise more, and informs you how successful your present fitness strategy is.  These apps need just your real input and will immediately and continuously supply you with precise and useful info.  It’s the perfect tool for exercise for busy individuals.


Without tracking your success, you can’t see if your efforts are getting you the great results you want.  By tracking your calorie consumption and nutrition, you can see when your numbers improve or worse, what you require to change, how you should modify your workout or nutrition and so on.

The very best free physical fitness apps and paid apps for tracking are:


This is a free, standard physical fitness tracker app.  You can use it to track your exercise routines like cardio, bodybuilding, running, etc.  Without any fees, you can create your customized workout regimens, utilize their calendar functions, in addition to use the cloud storage for restoring and backup.  It’s a great app for those who do not desire to bother with lots of bells and whistles, however it still requires you to keep track of the workouts are doing.

Note:  If you wish to support the development of the app, you can choose to pay a $4.99 donation. Otherwise, it’s a totally free to use app.


Google appears to have a solution for everything today, including physical fitness tracking.  It also available on iOS too, which means that everybody can use it on their phones.  By utilizing a Wear OS smart watch or your cellphone, you can track things like heart beats or movement points.  The app will quickly inform you if you’re doing the exercise right or you’re getting enough of a workout.

By utilizing this app, you’ll get points by getting the heart rate up.  It can likewise be set to track specific exercises.


This app can be either free or paid depending upon the features you wish to utilize.  The tool offers you with a variety of tracking functions for both the workout and nutrition.  It supports 50 various exercises, along with nutrition apps.  It’s a bit more complicated to utilize than the other 2 options, however it does literally whatever associated to fitness tracking in a single app.  The free version integrates simply a couple of features, but the paid one tracks everything from what you eat to how you work out.

2. Best Fitness Apps for Workouts

Everyone likes a great workout app!  It isn’t just great for workout beginners who aren’t sure how to work out, but likewise for individuals who don’t have the time to plan their own workout step by action, or those who desire a strict regimen to follow.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic exercise fitness apps offered on the market that will fit right into your hectic schedule and provide you with excellent way of life guides. Here are some of them:

Map My Physical fitness

This complimentary app has over 600 various activities you can use.  It integrates with over 400 gadgets and develops a whole athletic guide for you to follow.  You can utilize it to discover a running route close by, share your preferred running spots, in addition to track your distance, speed, and calories.  With this data in the app, you can set reasonable and individualized objectives, sign up with challenges, and even work out with friends.

In addition to the totally free app, there’s likewise a premium version that consists of a more tailored training and an opportunity to monitor your heart rate.

Workout Trainer by Skimble

If you are searching for a more creative experience, this exercise fitness instructor has countless free-to-use workouts and workouts with step-by-step video and audio instructions.  All you need to do is set your goal, choose a plan, and start exercising. Furthermore, you can utilize the library of the app and create your customized routine, share it online, or try something others in the neighborhood shared.

Nike+ Training Club

Available on both Android and iOS, the Nike+ Training club app is one of the most popular exercise apps.  It includes sessions that professional athletes and celebs developed.  Moreover, the app integrates the workouts with audio cues and can be stream onto your TV by utilizing Chromecast and Apple TELEVISION, or your routine HDMI cable.  Lastly, the app synchronizes with the Nike+ Run Club that lets you keep an eye on the runs and other activities.


JEFIT is an excellent source for body building and strength training.  If you choose to utilize it, you’ll discover countless different regimens for different body parts, as well as a workout planner, guidelines, progress tracker, exercise log, different kinds of timers, etc.

3. Best Fitness Apps for Social Media

When you feel absence of inspiration for workout, you need something that will keep you going.  Who much better to do this than other individuals such as your buddies or other social networks users?  These type of fitness apps allows you to share your workouts and information with other users, get in touch with them, and even interact about your physical fitness program and development.  Additionally, users use such apps to produce competitions and obstacles that will definitely keep you going.

Normally speaking, there are three primary type of social fitness apps:

the ones that connect you to your offline friends,

the ones that link to the social media accounts you utilize,

and the ones that assist you consult with strangers who share similar physical fitness objectives.

Obviously, overlap in between the 3 happens all the time. Here are some of the very best apps you can use:


Fitbit links to your electronic pedometer wirelessly and is used to compare your movements and statistics to that of other Fitbit users.  It will analyze the number of actions you have actually taken, how much calories you have actually consumed, and how many stairs you have actually climbed.

Look at this app as a type of an actually healthy competition.  It’s so motivating, businesses even use it as a workplace health initiative for the employees.


Yes, we already mentioned this app before, however it is also a competitive physical fitness app, too.  Since they partnered with the innovation of Apple, their functions have actually started growing.  Now there are many challenges that link individuals who use the very same social networks platforms, pressing them to try more and live a healthier life.

Whenever you exercise, you can share your success through social networks platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Path. There’s also an in-app cam included.


PumpUp is something you use to link to people you do not always follow, however share the very same physical fitness objectives.  It’s meant for usage for those who want to discuss their exercise on social media and wish to find out about the techniques and accomplishments of other people.

If you download the app, you’ll see that it looks much like Instagram.  It likewise operates the same way.  However, it has 3 diverse feeds.

The ‘New’ feed lets you see the most recent posts.

The ‘Popular’ feed lets you see what people liked the most or communicated with.

Lastly, the ‘Following’ feed can be used to see what individuals you chose to follow do on the app.

4. Best Fitness Apps for Competition

This is comparable to the previous kind of fitness app, however with one significant difference — competitors.  If you’re more of a competitive person and do not just like to “share” your fitness, we have simply the best apps for you.  If informing individuals about your objectives and development does not get your juices flowing, you can take it to the next level with the following fitness apps.


Do you own a smart watch?  If you don’t, you sure own a smart device or a physical fitness tracker!  Simply download this app, start moving around, and see where you get in the StrideKick obstacle.  You’re required to make a team and add a few of your associates or pals to join you in your task to make your life much healthier.

To track everybody’s development, you can use a control panel.  As soon as you succeed with your challenge, you will be a winner and a much healthier individual than everyone else in the competition.  It’s a win-win, right?


If you like a great challenge, you’ll like having Spiff around.  This one does not simply ask you to walk around, but actually provides you an opportunity to personalize the workout that you’ll be competing with others with.  For instance, set a challenge of doing 50 to 100 pushups daily for a couple days.  If someone avoids a push up, they have to provide an actual dollar into the account you have on Spiff.

It might not encourage everyone to work truly hard, however it will certainly keep them moving.  If it isn’t for the win, it will be for the money.  After all, skipping on 100 pushups will cost them all $100.  Nobody wants to pay that up for a little exercise that can and should just do, do they?

Finally, you can turn this competition into something a lot more encouraging and rewarding.  Offer the winnings to the person who hasn’t lost a dollar, or let them choose what you’ll purchase with the cash you made.

My Virtual Mission

Now, this app is the definition of enjoyable while exercising.  You can use the app to establish a path for the group to follow. When you add friends to the mission, they pick how they want to do the mission!  They have to choose running, swimming, or walking etc.  It might be a virtual journey, however it is a terrific social activity.  Also providing a chance for you all to get some exercise.

5. Best Fitness Apps for Charity

If winning an obstacle or some cash isn’t your motivational push, this may be it.  Would not you like to help others while you help yourself?  There are apps that let you utilize exercise for a good cause — and not just for the benefit of your health.  Such apps will track your activities and prompt corporate sponsors to donate to a charity you choose.  They would donate when you  finished a goal or a milestone.

If this isn’t motivational, we do not understand what is.  Being able to really help individuals by merely moving around is an excellent way to begin your day.  So, you much better get moving!

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is the most gratifying physical fitness app you can utilize.  Envision this — whenever you do a mile of cardio, someone will provide a charity some money.  If you walk or run, you get $0.25 per mile.  If you cycle, you can get up to $0.10. This money will go to a charity of your choice and most likely change somebody’s life.  So you must definitely begin doing your  part today.

Charity Bets

Bets sounds a bit too ‘gambling-like’, however not all gambling is bad.  You’re really betting your calories and turning them into donations for a great, charitable cause.  How do you do this?  When somebody tells you that you can’t reach a fitness objective, you encourage them to put their money where their mouth is.  Then, show them wrong!  If people bet that you will not run a complete marathon, do it not only so that you can spite them, but also change someone’s life.  Giving the cash to those who need it is satisfying by itself.  However, giving the cash because of those who do not believe in you can be an extra motivation, right?

Plus 3 Network

The Plus 3 Network app tracks and logs your workout.  However it also includes a link that links companies and charitable donations to the activities their staff carries out.  So, if your employer partners with this app, then, you can track your nutrition, fitness, biometric, and other activities and earn points.  You’ll get some benefits, as well as give to charity by only supplying your effort.  It’s a terrific way to inspire employees and keep them active, so chances are your business has this app too.


To donate to a charity complete an obstacle or a goal you set on your own.  That’s it!  As soon as you’re finished with your goal (weight loss, worked out for a specific time, or perhaps stop smoking) — you can choose a charity and donate to it.  The reality that you’ll have to pay that donation regardless is one more push toward the right direction.

So, you get three things:

Initially, you get to improve your life and health.

Second, you get to help others and donate without spending anything.

Thirdly, you get the motivational push due to the fact that if you don’t do “it” you will lose money!


Have you discovered the perfect app for you right now?  There’s a lot of apps at your disposal at this pointAll are produced with the very same objective and vision — to assist you improve your life and alter your lifestyle.

If you believe that a routine physical fitness app can keep you moving, download it.  Or you do not have the time to track your workouts, discover an app that will.  Better yet, find an app that will bring your competitive or generous side out.  By assisting others, you’ll assist yourself.  By beating others, you’ll help yourself.

Basically, all you need is the desire and a little bit of effort.  And, naturally, your mobile phone.

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