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Top 4 Alkaline Recipes

alkaline recipes

Alkaline Recipes

Our body requires an certain amount of alkaline daily to remain healthy.  The PH scale ranges between 1 and 14.  Anything above seven is regarded as alkaline, and below seven is regarded as acidic.  Water lies at 7, so its neutral whereas vegetables like cabbage, legumes, broccoli and many more as well as some fruits are alkaline and their pH are above 7.  Meat and processed sugars are below seven and regarded as acidic.  A high alkaline diet improves our digestive system, which help our body against some serious disease like cancer, allergies, and some types of fatigues, obesity and more.  Alkaline foods include:

·              Lentils.

·              Beans

·              Avocado.

·              Coconut.

·              Potatoes.

·              Yarns.

·              Turnip, etc.

We will share here different alkaline recipes, which you can eat at different times a day.  As well as some alkaline food as salad and dessert.

Alkaline Breakfast Recipe.

Banana and Cacao

This recipe is one of our all-time favorites.

Cacao comes from amazon fruit tree seed.  It is one of the highest food rich plant on the earth. It contains:

·              Chromium.

·              Manganese.

·              Iron

·              Magnesium.

·              Protein.

·              Fats.

·              Carbohydrates.

Since it is made up of many ingredients, it has many benefits as well.

·              It can improve heart health.

·              It can make our bones strong.

·              It can improve your mood conditions.

Although they are extracted from the same plant, the difference between cocoa and cacao is cacao is not mixed with any food whereas cocoa powder, which you use in different foods, is mixed with sugar and milk.  Therefore, cocoa has a sweet taste, and cacao is nowhere near sweet.  However, it contains a high ingredient level so we can call it a superfood.  You can find the cacao powder in different stores.

Frozen banana & cacao smoothie recipe.

·              Purified water => 1 cup.

·              Frozen banana (small) => 1 (quantity)

·              Raw Cacao powder => 2 tablespoons.

·              Almond butter => 2 tablespoons.

·              Cinnamon dash (as per taste)

·              Ice (as per taste)


Blend all ingredients together until smooth and then serve it cold.

Alkaline Dinner Recipe

The Alkaline Dinner Plate

The ingredients you will need for the alkaline dinner plate is:

·              Kale green => 2 bundles.

·              Red peppers => 1/2 cup.

·              Orange peppers => 1/2 cup.

·              Yellow peppers => 1/2 cup.

·              Green onions => 1/2 cup.

·              Red onions => 1/2 cup.

·              Habernero pepper => 1/4 cup (optional)

·              Sea Salt => 2 tablespoons.

·              Agave => 2 tablespoons.

·              Kamut Pasta => one box.

·              Portabella Mushrooms => 1 cup (chopped)

·              Yellow squash => 1/2 cup.

·              Seed oil => 1/2 teaspoon.

·              Oyster Mushroom => half

·              Onion Powder

Directions (create the “mixture”)

·              Wash kale.

·              Chop it.

·              Coat the bottom of a pot with oil.

·              Put onions and peppers in it.

·              Add kale.

·              Add 2-tablespoon agave.

·              Heat it at a medium level for 30 minutes.

·              Stir occasionally.

·              Cook Pasta.

·              Add salt and oil in it (1/2 teaspoon)

·              Pour the “mixture” in with the Kamut Pasta.

·              In a separate saucepan put mushrooms, onions and peppers in it.  Add yellow squash and mix it in until cooked.

·              Take cooked pasta and mixture, and add it to sauce pan, toss the ingredients together.

·              Use sea salt, onion powder and pepper as per your taste.

Alkaline Salad.

Many people like to have salad with a meal.  A refreshing and light feeling cames to our minds when we think of having a salad with our meal.  This kale salad Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette below having such a satisfying taste that even some people have it for dinner or lunch having no additional food.  You can add multiple alkaline foods in salads.  The reason most people love salads is this is an easy way to add many alkaline foods in your diet without the hard work.  Salads contain.

·              Vitamins.

·              Minerals.

·              Water

These ingredients make your body healthy.  By having different taste, salads can be great and refreshing.  You do not have to have the same salad daily.  You can change it in any way you want.

When changing your lifestyle and converting it to alkaline type eating, you must have kale in your regular diet.  You can have it in soups, salads and can even in chips.

Avocados are also an alkaline food and have a lot of fat and protein.

Pomegranate is a super food, which protects your heart from diseases.

Almonds are full of alkaline minerals and proteins. They also contain fiber and fatty acids, which prevent heart diseases.

Quinoa is gluten-free food, which contains iron, fiber and different type of minerals in it.  It is one of the few foods, which can be regarded as complete protein.

Kale Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette.


·              Chopped kale => 4 cups.

·              Avocado diced => 1 (in quantity)

·              Cooked Quinoa => 1/2 cup.

·              Pomegranate arils => 1/2 cup (seeds)

·              sliced almonds => 1/2 cup.

·              Apple cider vinegar => 1/4 cup

·              Olive oil => 1/4 cup

·              Lemon juice => 3 tablespoons (fresh)

·              Lemon zest => one (in quantity)

·              Sea salt => 1 tablespoon.

·              Ground pepper => As per your taste (fresh)


Mix the olive oil, cider vinegar, lemon juice and zest, and apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Put it aside.

Salad directions:

·              Put kale in a big bowl.

·              Put avocado, quinoa, pomegranate and almonds in it.

·              Pour the dressing on this mixture.

·              Toss this mixture gently.

·              Add salt and pepper per your taste.

·              Enjoy.

Alkaline Dessert.

An Alkaline dessert is a good thing to serve yourself if you are on an alkaline diet.  It not only is delicious but also beneficial to your health.  Alkaline electric banana cream pie is one of the favorite desserts to have when you are on an alkaline diet.

Alkaline Electric Banana Cream Pie

Ingredients for filling

·              Bananas (small size) => normally 6 to 8

·              Creamed coconut => 7 oz.

·              Hemp milk => 1 cup.

·              Agave => 3 to 4 tablespoon

·              Sea salt => 1/8 tablespoon.

Ingredients for crust.

·              Dates => one and a half cup.

·              Unsweetened coconut flakes => 1 1/2 cup.

·              Agave => 1/4 cup.

·              Sea Salt = 1/4  tablespoon.

Equipment needed

·              Food processor.

·              Mixer.

·              Pie Pan


·              Place all the ingredients of the crust in a food processor.

·              Blend them for 30 seconds.

·              Spread the crust mixture on a pan evenly.

·              Put bananas (sliced) inside the pan.

·              Mix your mixture with pie mixture in large bowl until even.

·              Pour the mixture in pan

·              Cover it with foil.

·              Freeze it for 3 to 4 hours.

·              Add coconut flakes.

·              Enjoy.

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