8 secrets to starting a profitable blog in 2020

Like many other business, blogging is a business too. Similar to other businesses, a number of competitors is directly proportional to the difficulty of the business. In recent years, many people are making profitable blogs and they are doing it as a business. Many bloggers fail in creating blogs as a profitable business, however the lack of success is not because of their business nature but because they give up too early.  We collected 8 secrets to starting a profitable blog in 2020 as follows: 


It is not easy for most of the people to start earning at immediately. It may takes months or even years to be a successful blogger.  Therefore, it is important to set a deadline and commit to it. If you are focused, you will definitely get success. So start your blogging on the topic of your choice. You should enjoy the content you are creating in your blog. 


Successful bloggers always choose the right niche: the one, which can engage a large number of audiences and people, are willing to come back to repeatedly.

There are some topics such as How to make money, Personal Finance, Food & Weight loss, Travel, Self-development & Self-care etc., which are more attractive to a large audience. Before starting, always think about your ideal reader, their worries, their goals and aims, and how can you help them through this blog.


After deciding your niche and your audience. You can move forward to the technical stuff. You should register a domain, get hosting, and create a WordPress account. These things come with a very low investment.  That is why blogging as a business is attractive.  However, you have to work hard to develop it.


People search for what is famous. So do not try to be too unique. Instead, your focus should be on the popular content. Unless you got a large audience, with returning visitors to your site, you should not focus on the unique content.


Remember one thing: if you want to be a successful blogger, you should keep in mind that nobody cares about you as an individual. Even your close family and friends will not read your blog regularly. As you are writing for your ideal audiences you must focus on them. 


You must keep focus on your brand. You must take care of SEO optimization. At the beginning, no one knows about you.  Consequently, you have to advertise your brand on different sites, which may include social media platforms. 


You must promote what you write. About 50 percent of our efforts should be in creating attractive content and the rest should be in promoting it. The main goal of promotion is to build and grow a large audience. This can be done by contacting podcasts for interview or by writing guest posts for some successful bloggers and linking them to your post.


Use your blog as a marketing platform for others. Put ads, use affiliate-marketing strategy and focus on selling your products, which results in building email lists.

At the start, you will earn less money than you may desire.  However, there is the process when you start the blog to when you earn the money. Remember, whatever niche you choose, it will definitely take time to build your brand.


In 2009 I quit driving a truck to take care of my kids full time. I went from driving across America to building one of the largest web design companies to building affiliate sites.

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